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(Written by Jessie Jenkins Carman for the Norman County History, published in 1976)

  Updated by Irene Maring  in 2000


            Edward Esli Carman (born September 24, 1887) was the son of Esli and Mathilda (Corcoran) Carman.  He married Jessie Jenkins (born March 8, 1889), daughter of Elmore and Mary Jenkins, in 1912.  Their married life started out at a hectic pace as Ed because ill with yellow jaundice and when he finally recovered, he was confined to bed rest for a long time by Dr. Holmes.  His wife, in addition to being his nurse, had to take care of the farm animals and work in the field as it was harvest time.  Eventually, they were able to hire a girl to take care of the housework.

             Their first child, Mildred, was born March 23, 1915.  About that time the Carmans decided to buy their first car, an overland.  The understanding was that they would buy it if it would go up the Heiberg Hill in high gear.  It did! -- They bought it.  They each learned to drive from the same demonstrator man while the other one held baby Mildred.

             On the 27th of August, 1917, after her mother had served dinner to the threshers, Lucille helped herself into the world with mother’s help; the doctor had taken a wrong road and didn’t make it in time.

             Mr. Carman enlarged the farm by buying land in the Ada School District.  Mildred and Lucille had previously walked the two miles to country school.  Now in the 4th and 2nd (should be 3rd and 5th) grades, they drove to town school in the horse and buggy, hauling the cream to the local creamery.  They used a little “jumper” sled in the winter; and when the weather was stormy, the neighbors would call their folks and tell them that the “kids” had gone by.  Grandpa Jenkins put the horse in his barn in town during the day.

             Lucille contracted scarlet fever in school and the family was quarantined.  The day the quarantine was lifted, every inch of space, furniture and person was disinfected.  Even the cat sitting in a chair had to share in this with tears rolling from its eyes.  The same evening, Irene decided to be born.  Dr. Hanson was called from the local movie house, which was showing “Seventh Heaven,” to assist in the February 25, 1925 arrival, the only blond in the family.

 On Thanksgiving Day, November 25, 1928, Lorraine arrived to complete the family.  Mr. Carman was quoted as saying he “could” raise livestock and girls, but no boys.”

 Ed built up a herd of Registered Holstein cattle and began to exhibit his herd and sell prize-winning animals at various county fairs, the Crookston Winter Show, Minnesota State Fairs, North Dakota State Fairs and the Chicago Worlds Fair in 1933, where he sold a prize-winning cow for over a thousand dollars to a South American livestock producer.  Ed was also president of the creamery board for many  years.

 Mildred taught school for several years before marrying Carl Offerdahl from Borup in 1938.  They later moved to a farm east of Mahnomen.   Five children  were born – Carolyn, twin boys Charles and Edward, Mary Lou and Mildred Rose.  Carolyn married Orelin Billing (deceased)  and lives at Fergus Falls. She worked for the Federal Government in the Food Stamp Division.  They had two children Mike and Sheila.  The twins, Charles and Edward, after being in the service, have now married and live in Sartell, MN and Grand Forks, ND respectively.  Ed and his wife Marlys have  two daughters, Emily and  Lisa.   Edward worked for Pitney Bowes and is now retired.   Charles and his wife  Pat have three children;   David, Kate and Beth.  Charles worked as a  Director of a FmHA.   Mary Lou married Pat Doherty and lives at Long Lake, Minnesota.  Mary Lou taught school and is now retired.  Her husband Pat is employed by Pillsbury.  They have two daughters  Ann  and Emily.  Midge is now living in Vancouver, Washington.  She is married to Allan Burmaster and they have three children  --  David, Kristen and Michael.  She is working for Social Services in Vancouver.

 Mildred taught school at  St. Michael’s at Mahnomen, Minnesota for many years and is now retired..  Carl passed away in the fall of 1973.  Mildred still lives at the farm by Mahnomen. 

 Lucille married Ed Offerdahl (both deceased) from Borup, MN, brother of Carl, in 1939 after having worked in the Court House in Ada for several years.  They had three children. –Richard, Diane and Vicki.  Richard and his wife Linda  live in Incline Village, Nevada and have three children – Nicole, Kirk and Katelyn.  Richard also has another son Scott from a previous marriage.  Diane lives in Glenwood Springs, Colorado with husband Greg Kapaun.  Vicki lives near Moorhead with husband Mike Staber.  They have two children Lindsey and Cassie. Vicki worked for U.S. West until recently and her husband Mike has his own construction company.  Lucille worked at the First State Bank in Ada for many  years and Ed was a custodian at the Ada High School.

 Irene  married Merle  Maring and they farmed near Georgetown for many years.  They have two children Carmen and Mark..  Carmen lives in Fargo.  Mark lives near Hendrum and farms.  He is married to Sandy and they have one child named Luke.  Irene worked for six years for Congressman Bob Bergland and then for the ND State ASCS Office.  She is now  retired and lives in Moorhead. 

 Lorraine  married Roger Flaskerud (deceased)  in 1955.  He was a war veteran  and worked for the Social Security Administration for many years before retiring. Lorraine lives in Overland Park, Kansas.  Lorraine and Roger had two children -– Michael (deceased) and Susan.  Susan and her husband David live in Lenexa, Kansas. Susan is a free lance photographer.

 In February 1966 Mr. Carman passed away.  Mrs. Carman lived alone in her home in Ada until the winter of 1972.  She then moved in to the Villa Maria Retirement Home in Fargo, ND where she lived until she passed away in November 1979.