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Welcome to the Carman Family web site!
This web site is for the Relatives of the Carman Family. momdad4girls.gif (88409 bytes) It will be mostly photos that were saved in digital form so that they can be preserved. These photos are all thumbnails so that means you can enlarge them by simply clicking on them.  Each photo had some explanation on the back.                             


1962Anniversary.jpg (54746 bytes) This Photo to the left was their 1962 Wedding Anniversary.

                             GrandmasBirthday1959.jpg (51895 bytes) 

         The photo   to the right  is Mother's Birthday in 1959.

1967TheCarmens.jpg (42931 bytes) The Photo to the left was taken in 1966 or 1967.   

FolksandAuntSadie.jpg (55807 bytes)

                The Folk's and Aunt 
Sadie to the right

MomandDad.jpg (60045 bytes)Mom and Dad 
to the left.



Christmas1960.jpg (48760 bytes)


                      Christmas 1960 at home to the right.






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