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8-26-03 So much for asking for dry weather now could use some rain for the beans if it isn't to late already. Beet harvest starts next week and the ground will be very hard unless we get some rain to soften things up. 

8-9-03 Wheat harvest is done my estimate was very accurate  I averaged 59 bushel per acre. Not as high as some numbers I hear but a good across the board yield. 

8-01-03 Harvest Has begun wheat is running close to 60 bushel but need dry weather as it seems to rain every day. Sprayed all the wheat with roundup and will straight cut everything. Harvest_Time.JPG (79925 bytes)

Update 7-31-03 Beets recovered fast from the Hail. The beans also recovered well after the hail but the stems are bruised badly at the base of the plant time will tell if they will be able to stand without breaking when pods begin to fill 

Update 6-28-03 Hail has damaged a lot of crop in my area. my beans at Hendrum are about 50% defoliated.hail_beans.jpg (88682 bytes) Thank God for hail insurance. 

Some of my beets are also damaged from hail.hail_beets.JPG (78009 bytes) The beets should come back but will be set back a week or 2



 Update 6-20-03 Beets are closing the row a little early this year


Update 6-10-03 Beets are Now cultivated, Sprayed, and I have a 190 to a 200 count per 100 feet. Might cultivate one more time Nortron work great this year with only 2 post emerge sprays needed.

 Beets_angle.JPG (266169 bytes)

Wheat also Looks very good P6100018.JPG (68354 bytes)



Nortron was banded on all of my beet acres and it looks like it is working. Click one of the small photos to enlarge it and see the band of Lambsquarters. This field has not had any banded post emerge sprays yet.

 nortron.JPG (186613 bytes)   P5210011.JPG (128896 bytes)

Nortron also worked well on Kochia click on photo to enlarge P5290029.JPG (188038 bytes)


5/23/03 Update finished beans and the first beans I seeded are starting to come up nice


5/20/03 update Waiting for a few dry Days to get back to planting beans have only 70 acres left to go.

5/15/03 update Wheat came up nice and is about ready to be sprayed
wheat.JPG (119475 bytes)

5/01/03 Update finished planting beets. Now have to watch the weeds and beets and spray roundup before the beets emerge. Will get started on planting beans soon.

4/30/03 Update - Still having some trouble with frost spots coming up in the field. Mornings and late evenings the spots show up and cause problems with the planter. It is best not to start planting until Noon and quit before dark. I didn't work the fields after the rain and the moisture is very good. I am seeding about an inch deep and in the mornings the moisture is right back to the soil surface. 

4/29/03 Update - The frost has finally stopped making wet spots in the fields and conditions are perfect for planting. I should finish beets on Wednesday and then get the ground ready for beans.

4/28/03 Update - We went from very dry to wet the 1 inch of rain we  received a week ago has made for tough planting conditions. The frost is coming out of the ground leaving small wet spots scattered over the fields causing planting difficulties. I have about 150 acres of beets seeded and this morning the thermometer says it is 25 degrees. The barley I seeded for cover crop is emerging. The wheat is coming up nice and so is the wild oats.


As of 4/16/2003 all of the Wheat has been Seeded. With the very dry and loose soil conditions I seeded all of the acres that are going to be beets with a barley cover crop. Now with the nice rains we have had the barley will grow and I will seed the beets into the barley cover crop.



Grain drill seeding cover crop